Abolition of the American embassy: the building of the transport company of Bratislava is discussed

"The US embassy in Bratislava has identified the current location of the current headquarters of the transport company Bratislava, which would be suitable for a new embassy building and that complies with safety standards, and the city is positive about this and, in cooperation with Bratislava Transport Company, in the coming weeks, " says the press release.

The embassy is interested in buying property for a diplomatic mission in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the long-awaited withdrawal of the US Embassy in Bratislava with a security zone around the building from the historic Hviezdoslav Square.

The US embassy had rented urban parcels on Hviezdoslav Square and Pauline Street since 2005. The embassy took security measures in 2002 and in connection with the terrorist attacks in New York on 11 September 2001. Since 2016, aimed at removing screens from the historic city center. Resettlement of the building would also be the most suitable solution for security measures.

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