All bikers must see the video. Activists reacted

Cyclists from the police can not drive on the pavement or the pedestrian promenade. Cyclocrats have decided to advise the police how unresponsive cyclists can get there.

The regional police administration in Bratislava today released a video for cyclists. The spokeswoman said she wanted to make safer bicycle tours in the city by warning them about the provisions of the traffic law.

"Instead of cycling or riding, cycling along sidewalks or cycling on the zebra crossing," the police complained to cyclists.

Watch a video that all cyclists should see:

Activists: Osveta is useless if …

"The cyclist is not allowed to drive over the pavement, that is for pedestrians," the police point out. According to her words, the pedestrian route is forbidden for them and other road users to use it. Cyclists from the police can walk along the pavement or through the passage until they get out of the bicycle.

On the video of the police of the capital & # 39; s evening the page of cyclist activists responded The ordeals of the cyclist of Bratislava. "A honeymoon on cyclists is good, but superfluous, unless the police offer safe alternatives in the form of bicycles and bridges for cyclists," say the activists.

In a video in which the police responded, they complained about the lack of bicycle and safe cycle routes. They point to the fact that different cars or other objects that reduce the permeability of the available cycle infrastructure are not often omitted. These risks do not entail risks for life and health.

View the bike activists' response to a police video:

The appearance of police and cyclo activists

The police warns that cycling must be kept very predictable. "While cycling, you have to be prepared for a variety of unpredictable traffic situations, especially in landfills, tumbling and canopies, but do not let them pass the last moment", the police call on the cycling community.

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Activists of the website of the foreigners of the website of the cyclist Bratislava do not like the police not giving examples to other drivers when they comply with the law. "Educational videos from cyclists on the sidewalks will not get, this can only be done safely and by road cycling," says the police.

At the same time they are grateful to the police, who takes good care of the law. "Take an example: fake parking in cyclists, covering the cyclist and overtaking dangerously and supporting the development of the cycling infrastructure", they call on the police.

They say this is the best way to get cyclists out of the sidewalks on safe bicycle routes and avoid unnecessary collisions.

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