Almost half of Slovaks want to leave their job

Almost half of Slovaks (49.51%) are considering leaving their current job.

People also look at job opportunities abroad. To leave home for a new job, every fifth Slovak would be willing. This was evident from the survey on candidate preferences 2018, which was carried out by the Grafton Slovakia Personnel Agency in the summer months. The survey involved 1095 respondents. Two-thirds of them had higher education and three-quarters are currently working full-time. 18.87% of the employees who want to change their business plan to take this step in the month. The prevailing time horizon was half a year.

Approximately every fifth Slovak would use the opportunity to work abroad because he wants to live in another country. 22.84% of the respondents regarded this as one of the motives. At least 36.56% of the workforce was transferred to work, of which 44.11% were foreign, while in the district it was only 1.64%. The new job is not just looking for 2.6% of the people surveyed, while 33.74% is intensively involved in such an intention. Up to 98.61% of the candidates called the internet the most important platform for obtaining information about the labor market.

The most motivating factor for job change is low wages. This was reported by 77.29% of the respondents in the survey. Other reasons for changing workplace, however, were personal development related to the dissemination of experience or lack of meaningful work. Another reason why people consider to dismiss is also a bad team that also demites staff.

From the point of view of wages, the most recent net monthly income of the candidates was in the range of EUR 700 to EUR 899. It concerns 22.2% of the respondents. Approximately one in 200 is in the net wage category of 4,000 euros, 0.62%. 47.9% of respondents received 47.9% of wage growth this year. On the contrary, wages fell by 3.96%. An overwhelming majority of the wage increases were a maximum of ten percent. More than 30% has improved this year with 5.41% of those who have risen financially.

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