Already 652 people have asked for a Slovak passport

Retrieving the Slovak passport is managed by 520 applicants.

As a result of the return of Slovak citizenship, 652 people were requested to do so (from 1.2.2015 to 30.8.2018). The Slovak passport has already reclaimed 520 applicants, and further requests the Ministry of the Interior (MV) of the Slovak Republic. TASR confirmed by the press department of the MV.

Slovak citizenship was reclaimed by people with Czech citizenship (212), German (92), British (78), American (46), Australian (29), Swiss (14), Canadian (13), Luxembourg), Italian ( five), Dutch (four), Belgian, French and Israeli (two), Finnish, Irish, Polish, Austrian, Romanian and Swedish (one at a time).

People who have lost their Slovakian passport for the current Citizenship Permit can apply for citizenship on the basis of the Ministry of the Interior regarding the granting of citizenship of the Slovak Republic for special reasons.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Interior must be requested in writing from the district office at the headquarters of the region, the diplomatic mission or the consulate of the Slovak Republic. The condition is to have a registered place of residence with the foreign police, ie the permitted stay of a foreigner on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Account is taken of the way in which the Slovaks have received a foreign passport

The Regulation on the granting of citizenship of the Slovak Republic for special reasons enables Slovak citizens who have lost Slovak citizenship after 1 January 1993 to submit their application. The decision on the application must also take into account the facts that caused the loss of citizenship of the Slovak Republic and the manner in which and the conditions under which the applicant obtained the foreign passport.

"In particular the existence of a condition of a recognized, registered or registered residence in a foreign state at the time of acquisition of foreign citizenship," the press department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic told TASR in the past.

The Slovak passport can be found on the basis of the Citizenship Act, which was adopted by the first government of Robert Fico (Smer-SD). The previous cabinet responded in 2010 to a Hungarian law that since 2011 simplifies the granting of dual nationality to foreign Hungarians.

On the basis of current legislation, Slovak passports are accepted, which have accepted the citizenship of another state. So far it has 2490 people.

Attempts to moderate were unsuccessful

Since the adoption of the law, several attempts have been made to mitigate this legal standard, but none of them has been successful. The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, which could not say whether or not it was unconstitutional, also acted on the current legal standard. The MV has adopted a legislative amendment but has not submitted it.

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