At the Central Station in Bratislava they have approved a "mockup" for several million euros

If there is something very bad about Slovakia, it is next to the green patrols in the trains and the construction of the Central Station in Bratislava. It comes right out of the apocalyptic film. It is often the first contact of foreigners with Slovakia. The first impression is like the chirping of the magic wand at the freezing point. We do not even help the Good Idea Slovakia campaign and the saying that the old city is much more fun and if you do not mind waiting for a whistling train, you can see the Tatier shields in just a few hours.

However, the most recent changes are reported. The government of the Slovak Republic will provide CZK 2.8 million. for the modernization and development of railway infrastructure and for the opening of passenger compartments. The notified changes were announced immediately at the station Prime Minister, Minister of Transport, Minister of Finance and Mayor of the capital. Their facial expressions showed that they were only a few times in their lives. They promised that the changes would be visible already in the spring of the following year, for the World Ice Hockey Championships 2019.

Let's get what we can

While hijackers on the other side of Bratislava build a future city or new illuminated skyscrapers, the station gets old toilets in a new dress. The planned changes, according to the competent, will affect the original historic building and the annex. The new façade, the replacement of the windows, the tiles and the lighting must be realized.

Part of the reconstruction will be a new electrical installation, a camera and a radio system. ŽSR launches a competition for the partial reconstruction of the visual site of the main railway station in Bratislava and the concrete changes and designs where the building is on hold are familiar with the result of the competition.

However, like the YIMBY blog, In order to make Central Station affordable in a modern form, cooperation with the private sector will be necessary. This, however, requires a return in the form of releasing the surrounding land for investment constructions. It is so natural that the project of 2.8 million euros does not solve anything. It can help improve the overall impression of the main station. But claiming that the head office is no longer Bratislava's problem is ridiculous.

The real solution is not a matter of a few months before the World Ice Hockey Championships, not even one polling period. Ideally, if the planning of a real modernization of the station should start immediately, it can be assumed that the first building mechanisms would appear in place in the second half of the 20th century. However, these are horizons, which are sometimes problematic for those who have a responsibility in this area.

At the same time, the ŽSR announced that they are currently completing two major reconstructions at the main station. It is about rebuilding the restaurant for the long term to a modern new waiting room for passengers. At the same time, a new underpass with modern lifts will be built on each platform, which will mainly serve unmoved travelers, mothers with pushchairs or heavy baggage travelers.

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