Attackers attacked two agents New time

Two men from the Prešov region suspect that two policemen have attacked a police station – even a rush has even rained in his hand.

According to the police, two men in the Koskovce district (Humenné district) threatened to find and kill them. Later they had to physically attack them. One of the men tried to hit the agent's head, but he prevented him. The attacker was spared, but actively opposed the intervention. The second man from the other policeman was in the back, he pushed him inside and bounced him in the forearm of his left hand. Both policemen suffered minor injuries.

Attackers Michal (40) from Hankoviec and Jaroslav (38) from the Udavský policajti posted to the police. The investigator accused both of attacking a public officer. In the case of the guilt in court, they face a prison sentence of one to five years, said police spokesman Jana Ligdayová on Wednesday.

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