August Preferential Survey: the direction has stabilized

According to the latest AKO survey, parliamentary elections would win the Smer-SD side.

The second most powerful party is the SaS liberals, the national parliaments of the CIS were third for the boots. The current coalition government would not have known the future government

Before the murder of journalist Jana Kuciak, the Smer-SD party had a preference of 25 percent. After a next governmental crisis, when Robert Fico's chair came, the robbers reached almost 20 percent. The slump has stopped and the last few months have risen slightly. It currently has 21.4 percent. "Unless there is an alternative to the direction on the left of the political spectrum, the party will certainly retain these percentages." The situation has already stabilized after the crisis and I do not expect any changes if the new parties do not start to grow There is waiting for Kiska to be done, until some miracles are over, "said political analyst Jan Baranek. The second, in turn, ended with SaS with 15.7 percent, CIS would support 11 percent of the votes. Bombs of Most-Hd registered a drop of one point, and with 5.3 percent they would simply go beyond the subsidy margin for Parliament. This is the result of an opinion poll conducted by AKO on 15-17 August on a sample of 1,000 respondents

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