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In connection with the start of the school year, the Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) strengthens the transport. A total of 17 auxiliary trains will be sent, some of which will go through Turcom.

MARTIN. The railways Slovakia, in connection with the closure of the summer holidays and the beginning of the new school year, and the associated increased passenger demand for trains, are reinforcing the railways throughout Slovakia.

"On Friday, August 31, four trains go from east to west – one EuroCity train, two speeds and one regional speed, on Sunday, September 2, a maximum of thirteen trains will be sent – one EuroCity train, three speeds, seven regional speeds and two regional trains. expresses, "says Tomáš Kováč, spokesperson.

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It also adds that all these links are included in the current valid timetable. "With regard to technical capabilities and passenger demand, the company will also strengthen other regular IC, Ex, R, RR and Os trains," he says.

List of train staff at the end of the holiday and at the beginning of the school year.

Friday 31 August 2018

– EC 243 Roháče (Prague 13:11 – Košice 21:07)

– R 15711 Šarišan (Bratislava 15:00 – Humenne 22:26)

– R 15713 Chopok (Bratislava 17:00 – Košice 22:57)

– RR 15715 Javorina (Bratislava 18:55 – Žilina 21:34)

Sunday, September 2, 2018

– EC 242 Roháče (Košice 11:07 – Prague 19:18)

– R 17610 Chopok (Košice 13:45 – Bratislava 19:33)

– RR 17762 Cassovia (Košice 18:07 – Bratislava hl 00:10, Saturday 3. 9. 2018)

– REX 17910 Ondava (Humenne 13:19 – Kosice 14:50)

– R 17612 Šarišan (Humenné 14:06 – Bratislava hl 21:08)

For the sake of completeness we also introduce trains with start and end stations in Žilina on 2 September 2018:

– RR 17716 Vršatec (Žilina 16:19 – Bratislava hl 19:14)

– RR 17718 Hričov (Žilina 18:03 – Bratislava hl 20:58)

– RR 17720 Bezovec (Žilina 20:29 – Bratislava hl 23:01)

– RR 17715 Javorina (Bratislava 18:55 – Žilina 21:34)

The registration of pupils and students for free transport is also regularly associated with the start of the new school year.

"We recommend to travel to the public to use ZSSK's alternative sales channels, such as an online store, a sms ticket for passenger trains, a mobile ticket to call free passengers, which can be avoided by cashiers," said the spokesperson. .

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