Banskobystrický kraj received a fine for the public tender that took place for the wife of Kotleb

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA, 23 August ( – The Public Procurement Agency (UO) finally confirmed the imposition of a fine of EUR 150,000 for the Banskobystrický samosprávny kraj (BBSK) office on account of unlawful public tendering by former Marshal Kotleb.

According to SITA, BBSK spokesman Matej Bučko, the current leadership wants to occur as former president Kotleb. Former BBSK director Milan Uhrik reacts by saying that the whole allegation of alleged violation of the law on public procurement is stupid and a political matter.

They competed through the electronic marketplace

The Ministry of Finance has informed the previous leaders of the region that the road reconstruction contract was competing through an electronic marketplace, which is intended for the purchase of publicly available goods. In addition, they have only allowed three working days to submit tenders.

Competitions were then entered into by companies that were unable to complete the order in a number of cases. In the districts Lučenec and Zvolen, the planned activities are only now being carried out after the new management of the region has prepared standard public procurement.

The Banskobystrický samosprávny kraj is now looking for legal ways to imitate the former leadership of the province. "Former director of BBSK Uhrík and BBSK Kotleba, at the time of the game, were publicly informed that they acted in violation of the law, despite these warnings the illegal public tender did not cease, on the contrary, despite unsuccessful attempts they repeated this process," explained the director of BBSK Office Matúš Hollý.

Reconstructions were not implemented

"The people of the region were the most affected by this: in two districts the reconstruction of the roads has not yet been realized, the work is now in progress, after we have solved the mistakes of the past, and all taxpayers are subject to a fine for the IAB, we will not let it go and we are looking for legal instruments, such as the damage that the region has caused, to go for the former leadership, " added the current director.

According to Uhrík, the autonomous region of Zilina and dozens of cities and municipalities in Slovakia have similarly passed through the electronic market for the reconstruction of roads.

Danko, sns, durcek, bernatak

"It has not been a problem for anyone, only at the BBSK headquarters with Kotleb, which shows the clear political background of the full charge, and it is absolutely morbid to award fines, even for public procurement that has only been launched, but ultimately no winner came to them and the contract did not even come true, " the previous director added.

As he goes on to say, the current leadership is pleased to find a way to implement public procurement. "They forgot to add that the road repairs had a much higher price than our public tenders, so they had to make up for the difference, making it more expensive than our plan," says Uhrík.

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