Blacksmith calls Harabin for the defense of Rostasa: Harabin returned, Kaliňák white horse

The issue was first reported by Diary N, which is the reason Harabin's statements in the free channel on the case Tibor Eliot Rostas and the visit of the house police to him. "The Sudanese Council has been summoned by the Special Prosecutor Dušan Kováčik to submit a motion to initiate a disciplinary procedure against the Supreme Court Supreme Court, Štefan Harabin, which most likely will discuss at its meeting on 11 September , confirmed the spokesman for the National Council of the SR Alexandra Važanová. She added that the NS SR currently sees no reason to comment.

Harabin reacted to the social network, Mr. Kováčik has something to look forward to

Harabin also responded to this challenge on Facebook. "Dear fans, I am already looking forward to Mr. Kováčik in disciplinary proceedings and his public lessons on the basic principles of law, and this white horse of Mr. Kaliňák must rejoice," he wrote on the social network.

The blacksmith demands a punishment

Source: Facebook / Stefan Harabin

"There will be a time when even Sivko or Pivko will ever be criminally responsible for this illegal house, because now, as a criminal judge, I can tell you that there is not one relevant procedural criminal reason why, at half past eight in the morning, children with dolls were large adults, and this is typical of mischief and abuse of the authority of a public official. he commented on Harabin's Home Survey N, according to the police report, to cover the murder of journalist Kuciak and "shake sunbirds".

The home visit to T.E. Rostas was executed at the end of February by the police in connection with criminal prosecution in connection with article The "Klin der Joden among the Slavs", which contained anti-Jewish quotations from various historical figures.

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