Brat Kuciaka († 27) can not believe what happens after the murder

Exactly six months have passed since the brutal execution of journalist Ján Kuciak († 27) and Martina Kušníř († 27). The murderers of murder are not yet known to the public.

The youngest family of young couples nevertheless hopes to investigate the disgusting act. The Public Prosecution Service does not yet speak new information and promises to pass on the details in September. New Time spoke to a murdered brother John Joseph, who detects sensitive errors in clarifying the murder and returning police from Tibor Gašpar exhale to the ministry.

It has been six months since the tragic event. How have you and your family changed their lives since then?

Life has changed in almost everything. It is a shaky expression, but nothing is as before, it is not possible for us to think twice about seeing Janka again. From childhood to puberty to adulthood, we have done and experienced a million things together, we have always helped and have been together as brothers. Now you have a nice experience, everything we have survived has turned into something very painful.

Whatever we do, we always remember how we did it with Jank while we were doing well. I do not even know it inside, it's been half a year ago, it's still like it was a week ago. We are a simple family. Even though we have never had much, I have loving parents and great brothers and sisters, and that was essential to us, nothing was left to us. But we are not all, and that is not a scar on the heart, it is an open wound.

How satisfied are you with the job and the results of the researchers?

I will say that I am trying to be happy. I studied security management, where we also had forensic topics, and I know that some of the actions take longer. Therefore, I suspected that few months before the research had little. However, I still believed that, despite the mistakes we had committed, we were right within six months. We do not know …

Do you think the research is independent?

As a whole, I think it is not. However, the research also consists of individual actions and I believe that decent people are still in the PA and at the Public Prosecution Service, who do their work honestly and pronounce partial conclusions that can not be ignored.

Many of them have their family, their brother, their son, their daughter, so I hope they will help us. Maybe I can just calm down and try to calm the family, but we still believe in the honesty of people, they have to be there too. I had a really good feeling about the meeting with some police officers, but some did not.

Does the police inform you about preliminary findings?

He informs us through our lawyer, but only to the extent that "the research does not influence" or only insofar as they want us to see it, and what they do not want us to see, we do not see it. I do not know exactly why we only know what we know …

How do you rate the political changes in the country that protested after the murder of John and Martin?

I do not know much about politics, I never wanted to say anything about it either. I am only saying that people should be more interested. Still thinking about "social" and in the short term as it was under previous regimes. They prefer to choose what they would give their candy, and the rest would give a friend what they would systematically evaluate the candy and give everyone a package for a while.

Many people do not understand what happened and why it happened. I am not saying that I would understand whether it is not just our family. But people who think they tolerate thinking, murder, guilt, kidnappings, and that is only one candy, that is sad.

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