Bridges in the administration of the city are in good shape, says the municipality

All bridge buildings in the metropolitan administration are subject to regular visits at prescribed intervals and are in a satisfactory technical state

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The TASR was introduced by the city of Bratislava. He also responded to questions
on the safety of bridges in Bratislava, which appeared after Tuesday (14.8.)
collapse of the bridge in Italian Janova

There are 103 bridges and footpaths in the administration of the capital. from large
bridges over the Danube manage the capital of three bridges – SNP bridge, Apollo and old
the bridge, two of them are new or after a reconstruction (Apollo, the old bridge).

The state of the bridges in the administration of the capital according to classification degrees of
Scale I to VII is, according to the municipality, such as the old bridge and the Apollo bridge
1st grade and assessed as flawless. The SNP bridge has III. rank a
his state is rated as good

Not overloaded

The government of Bratislava started to donate the SNP bridge after 40 years
attention. "The rebuilding took place in the first phase in 2017
roads and technical parameters of the road remain unchanged. in this
year plans to continue the capital by repairing pedestrians and footpaths
cyclists, "
spokesman for Bratislava Zuzana told TASR

All-year road repairs at Moste SNP caused discontent
for some drivers and passengers with public transport of quality
work. Some were also afraid to overload the bridge. Magistrate at that time
he argued that another type of asphalt is used both on the bridge and in another form

New road

" The new roadway has the same thickness as before repairs,
there is no overload, "
stated self-government
with the fact that all work on the repair of Mosta SNP was realized
the proposed technological process and the planned timetable. Place also
he noticed that he was looking at the author all the time before the bridge was restored, and so on
Construction support

When the part of the Morandi bridge over the valley of the Polcever river collapses
in Italian, Janova fell from a height just before noon on Tuesday
a few dozen meters from 30 to 35 people and more

Debris and vehicles fell into the river bed, the railway lines and the
industrial area. Unfortunately, 42 has officially claimed so far
confirmed victims and 15 wounded

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Source: TASR

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