Bugala told about his candidacy for the UAV with President Hlivák, with Kmotříkom joining him

BRATISLAVA, August 22 (WebNoviny.sk) – A candidate for the position of vice-chairman of the Public Procurement Agency (JIA) – lawyer Juraj Bugal stated that he was not the predecessor of a political party or movement and only negotiated with the chairman of the cabinet of the Minister of Finance Miroslav Hlivák.

After years of practicing lawyers, Bugala, according to his words, has taken a living decision that he would like to take a different path professionally if he gets this opportunity. Hlivák & # 39; s proposal for the appointment of Bugal as vice-chairman of the Bureau is on the agenda of the Wednesday cabinet.

For personal reasons, the nomination has been withdrawn

"I regard the professionalization of public procurement as a pillar of interest, which is important for the management of the Office, so I would like to dedicate it to my position" Bugal told SITA. This topic is close to him and is convinced that his experience would be able to participate in this agenda. "That was the content of our meeting with the president," Bugal said.

A year ago he was a member of the IAB Council, which is his appeal body, but for personal reasons he has withdrawn his candidacy. "However, I have seen the work of the Bureau's new leadership and the philosophy with which the President manages the Office sympathizes with me" said the candidate for the Vice President of the Office.

Bugala has more than fifteen years of law, he is a partner of the Bugala – Ďurček, r. , while his former partner, Peter Ďurček, is the State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the SR as a CIS candidate. Bugala claims that together with Durce are the real owners of Hedin, and. s., which has a 49% stake in Infra Services, and. s.

"We own these shares as private individuals, so we keep them for ourselves and not as assets that have managed to argue, as proven by the fact that my former partner, Mr. Ďurček, still holds shares in the company concerned, even after he joined the public service and stopped the practice of advocacy, " he approached Bugal. The largest interest of 51% in Infra Services is owned by the Bratislava Water Company, and. s.

Criticism of non-governmental organizations

The nomination of Bugal as vice-chairman of the UVO was judged as incorrect respectively. explicitly unsuitable non-governmental organizations, the Stop the Corruption Foundation and Transparency International Slovakia, mainly because of the connection with the entrepreneur Ivan Kmotřík. The law firm also includes companies from the group of this entrepreneur.

"One of the basic principles of advocacy is that it is not possible to identify a lawyer with his client, steps from the customer.Our law firm is one of many who have represented a number of Mr. Kmotrik's company or represented, " Bugal explained.

The lawyer is represented in various companies and when he announces his candidacy for a position in the IBA, he undertakes to take action prior to a conflict of interest.

"In case of appointment, I will surrender all holdings and positions in the companies I am active in. Also, in accordance with the law, I will proceed to disclose the assets that I have acquired during my work in the private sphere," Bugal said.

Interrupts the performance of the lawyer

During the performance of his / her duties at the UCI, he simultaneously interrupts the performance of the lawyer. "I will apply the principle of conflicts of interest in its entirety and I will not vote in the IAB Council to vote in procedures where one of my former clients will appear" Bugal said.

The Vice-President of the Office is also a member of his board. "I will publicly disclose my decisions in the IAB Council to ensure that my lack of interest in voting is viewed publicly", Bugal added.

In connection with the disclosure of information about the alleged verification of real estate in many of the Gummer Companies for the public partner register, Bugala has stated that their law firm has strictly complied with the law. If he proves that he is not impartial, he is ready to give up a public office when he is appointed.

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