CIS rejects Sak's proposal to choose a new police chief

The DIS has refused to impose conditions on other government institutions, including the SIS.

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BRATISLAVA. The CIS coalition rejects the proposal from Minister of the Interior Denisa Sakova (Smer), according to which the mandate of the new police president would last seven years.

According to the statement of the party she has shared on her Facebook profile, nationalists find it fair that the president of the police apparatus is elected indefinitely for a new term.

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At the same time, the CIS refused to believe that it is not ready to support the law on the new election of the police president, because it sets conditions for other state institutions, including the SIS.

If the law fits the proposed wording, nationalists claim that the new parliament can shorten its mandate or find a reason to end its mandate.

The government postponed the talks on Wednesday. "We want to make time for the debate," said Prime Minister Pellegrini on Wednesday, that he felt that the current proposal was not the happiest of the professional public.

According to Sak, the length of the president's term of office is the only serious conflict to be addressed in this matter.

Nevertheless, according to the prime minister, the plan is that a new police president will vote for the new since January 2019.

You can do this, because Parliament will meet three times before the end of the year.

The amendment to the Police Chiefs Act provided that the President would be appointed by the Minister of the Interior, but on the basis of a selection procedure and only with the recommendation of the parliamentary security committee.

In order to appoint a police chairman, the selection committee, the Defense and Security Committee and the Minister of the Interior must therefore agree. Changes must also be influenced by the police inspection, the inspection service will be set up.

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