Conflict in the coalition: the SNS does not like the suggestion of Sak that the police president is murdered

"If we have today passed the law that the president of the police is elected for seven years, there is no problem for the new parliament to shorten the term of the presidential police or find a reason to end his mandate." The SNS believes that the coalition's system will achieve a change in the election of the president of the police force without being reprimanded by the violation of democratic rules in society,"explains the CIS.

At the same time, nationalists emphasize that they are rejecting "fools in the media" because they are not ready to support the law on the new election of the president of the police, because they impose conditions on other state institutions, including the SIS. "At the nearest coalition council it is agreed that there will be a new discussion about the mechanism, the election or other police matters, which require more systemic changes than just the election of the president or the police inspection solution. submit proposals to the nearest Coalition Council, " the CIS states that it supports a comprehensive change in this area. The CIS, however, categorically ruled out that all support would be granted in support of the election of the president of the police force.

With regard to the amendment of the law on the SR Chief of Police, which amends the rules for the election of the president of the police, agreement must be reached on the duration of his mandate. This was said on Wednesday after the Minister of the Interior Denisa Sakova. The government would discuss the amendment Wednesday, but the proposal was finally withdrawn. According to Sak, the length of the president's term of office is the only serious conflict to be addressed in this matter. The district originally proposed a seven-year term for the newly elected police chief. Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said before the Cabinet meeting that there are still many debates about the reported changes and that criticism is being expressed on the professional circles, so the amendment of the law on the Chancellery of the Czech Republic should still be the subject of negotiations .

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