CURRENT Police intervention in the vocal house

Eva, who was polluted by the loud opera aria, accompanied by an unpleasant spark of 16-year-old loudspeakers, accused the police of dangerous persecution.

On Friday morning, police officers began a homely tour of Kossuth Street in Štúrova with the permission of the court. This is the news portal.

Although the owner Eva was in his place, she did not leave her in her house. The accused arrived accompanied by a police escort and was, according to the news portal, under supervision in a police vehicle. They are afraid of it. The scenario from the past is now repeated again after almost a month of peace. Eva screamed at the neighbors of her phony sentences and even threatened them.

The police intervention ended in the afternoon. Newspaper portal came closer to the police in the hands of the police and ended with the infamous device of the suspect. The whole event, however, had an unexpected climax. Eve had to recruit salvation because blood pressure had risen after shouting to neighbors.

Terror and attractions

The owner of perhaps the most famous house in Slovakia, sought by tourists for his loud music in Štúrovo, was arrested in early August.

"The police accused a 56-year-old woman of having a dangerous persecution, and on the basis of the evidence obtained, as well as the expert evidence, the witnesses and the injured parties, it appeared that the suspect had wished to improve the quality of life of the residents of Štúrovo. , " said the regional police spokeswoman in Nitra, Renáta Čuháková.

Eva was standing in front of a district judge in New Locks. They took her into preventive detention, because she was reasonably afraid to continue with the crime of which she was accused. However, she filed a complaint, which was decided by the regional court of Nitra.

The dreaded woman was also brought to justice. "You did not understand that I would not have fun with idiots, deaf and journalistic hyena" When I get in custody, I will prosecute the Slovak Republic for the second time, you are stupid and idiot, " hastened to journalists. They were also policemen.

They suffered years ago

The four-minute fragment of the opera aria listened daily to Eva for 16 hours. The reason was to be the dog of a neighbor. The whole street was unable to give advice to the problem person. Everyone agreed to belong to psychiatry rather than to roster.

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