Czech high school students have written, translated and want to jump maths into our schools – Journal N

Six years ago, Marek Liška was a graduate student. He taught classmates, whose mathematics was less than he was. He studied at the J. Kyl Tyl High School at Hradec Králové and thought he would prepare a simple Matika for classmates with a few classmates to help students understand mathematics more easily.

"Mathematics did not enjoy us", says Marek Liška. Today eleven textbooks have been published, some of which are from chemistry, most in mathematics and of which 122 are used in the Czech Republic.

Textbooks have translated and adapted to Slovak students. According to Liška, it is not just about making textbooks in Slovak, but about converting koruna & # 39; s to euro & # 39; s, Pardubice or Hradec Králové replaced by Košice or Bratislava and the language had to adapt to Slovakian secondary students.

They wanted the language spoken by high school students in the textbook. They wear them, they also use non-Biblical words

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