Deadly incident in Bratislava: Gejza (68) shot by friends, surprising words of defense

A shocking case took place in January of this year in Devínska Nová Ves, Bratislava. The Gejza was shot by the CPJ in 1983, which he held in legal possession.

It does not deny the use of weapons

At the beginning of the trial on Wednesday, surprising words came from the suspect's mouth. "I did not intend to cause the death of Mr. Milan I. I did not even intend to hurt him, it was dark and I did not know who was attacking me." Gejza said.

Defendant defendant Alexander Filo added that his client does not deny the use of the weapon. But according to his words, there should be an immediate threat. "Because the light went out, he certainly did not want to shoot down the injured Milan I" Filo explained. Gejza did not hear the verdict on Wednesday. His report was heard and the victim's wailing. The District Court Senate finally adjourned the main hearing in the second half of October, when he heard experts and witnesses to the deed.

Three shots

The police accused the 68-year-old Gejza at the end of January of this year. The murder was to be committed January 25 between 7 and 8 pm, in one of the flats on Milan Marek street in Bratislava Devínska Nová Ves. The lawyers immediately called the armed man to lay the gun.

Fatal incident in Bratislava:

Source: Facebook / police of the Slovak Republic

"The man did not respond first, but in the end the repeated calls from the police rifled the rifle, the police put their hand on the man by using the tactics and the claws." After the detention of the suspect, he immediately called for medical help. , but the 75-year-old Bratislava got burns on the spot and the doctor called the first aid to the exit, " she said at that time spokesman for the headquarters of the regional police in Bratislava Lucia Mihalíková. Bratislavčan left the man deadly injuries with three shots.

The investigator had already filed a complaint in January to file a bailiff's movement. "If the guilty party is guilty of deliberately killing a protected person (a person of a higher age), the sentence of imprisonment of 20 to 25 years or life," said L. Mihalíková.

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