Driver discipline in Banskobystrický kraj is really bad, for an afternoon hundreds of violations (F. Rohacek) 2018/08/27

The discipline of drivers in the Banskobystrický region is very bad, one afternoon hundreds of violations

Last week we reported about the extraordinary police performance of Monday on the roads of the Banskobystrický kraj. On Monday morning the police found 120 violations in four hours, on Friday afternoon it was almost sad.

After the alarming results of the Monday police action on the roads in the Banskobystrický region, the police organized another extraordinary event on Friday, August 24 from 2 PM to 6 PM. In addition to policemen from police, traffic police and police police, policemen from the police, including 116 police officers, took part in the border control.

"Police officials were serious about traffic violations, to meet the maximum allowed speed, to drink alcohol before driving, and to check the technical condition of vehicles," said the spokesperson for the regional police station in Banská Bystrica Mária Faltániová.

In this short time, the police have detected up to 286 violations this time. The driver exceeded the maximum allowed speed in 143 cases. Other offenses related to, for example, the failure of seat belts (30), poor technical condition of the vehicle (18) or driving without lighting (15). During the inspection they also found seven offenses with cyclists and four pedestrians. Up to five cyclists were under the influence of alcohol.

In this context, the police also intensified special inspections on the roads in various districts in the current week, including the Banská Bystrica district.

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