Early August: the last day there are storms on Niger

Nowadays there is poetry: what is the last day of August, that is all autumn. Partly cloudy, rain or thunderstorm. Temperatures 23 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Illustrative picture for article RANNA: In the last day of August there are storms, Nora has names



west: predominantly cloudy, rain or thunderstorms
storm, lowest morning temperatures 16 to 13 and highest daily 25 to
28 ° C.

midfield: mostly cloudy, rain or thunderstorm,
lowest morning temperatures 15 to 10 and highest daily 23 to
27 ° C.

East: predominantly cloudy, rain or thunderstorms
storm, lowest morning temperatures 15 to 11 and highest daily 23 to
27 ° C.

Nora & # 39; s name is Nora

The female name of Nora is of Scandinavian origin. Free translation means "God
is my light. "We focus on the carriers of this unique name in Slovakia
Norica, Norka, Nori. Named on August 31st.

Standards have a sense of honor and justice. They share a different joy,
they are independent, active, but also receptive, friendly and connected.

Students are honest and very responsible. They are mainly among them
capable assistant or businesswoman. They are admirably viable,
resist fatigue. Caution is required to the nervous
system and kidneys.

They influence their planets Saturn and Uranus. Their cheerful colors are
black, dark blue and gray. Protective plants juice, base and div,
protective amethyst stones, agate and pearl.

It happened at home

1944 – The Czechoslovak government for exile in London announced units
of the Slovakian army in the rebel area for the 1st Czechoslovak army

1944 – German occupation forces have disarmed an important part
the armed forces of anti-Nazi rebellion – Eastern Slavic

1970 – The national broadcast of the Hviezda radio station began,
that replaced the Czechoslovakia station.

1973 – The Slovak Karst has declared a protected nature reserve.

1975 – In Martine a new building of the Slovakian Matice was opened.
The project of the architects Dušan Kozm and Anton Cimmermann was built in Kostihore

1995 – Michal Kováč ml., Son of the then President of the Slovak Republic Michal
The blacksmith, was illegally imprisoned in Austria, where the police arrested him
based on the Interpol order.

1996 – Private broadcasts started in the evening
TV station Markíza.

It happened in the world

1893 – Ferdinand von Zeppelin received the imperial patent office
a valid patent for the all-metal construction of the airship.

1907 – Treaty of Sankt-Peterburg: Russia and the United Kingdom closed
a treaty in which they commit themselves to act together against Germany.
The team completed the Tri-Dohoda between Great Britain, Russia and France.

1942 – Nazi security forces destroyed the German resistance force
organization Rote Kapelle.

1947 – After manipulated parliamentary elections in Hungary,
Communists who have introduced a totalitarian regime in the country.

1962 – The Trinidad and Tobago islands have become independent
From the Commonwealth.

2006 – Norwegian police have managed to find two famous paintings Scream a
Madonna by Edvard Munch, which I stole from the museum in August 2004
in Oslo.

Composition of the day

[1945 – Van Morrison (born George Ivan Morrison), Belfast, North
Ireland, singer, guitarist and harmonic player. In April 1964 he was that
co-founder of the North African rock band Them. In June 1965 they released the LP
The Angry Young Them. Their biggest hit was in March
1965 song Here Comes The Night. He has been shown solo since 1967.
In September 1967 he released his first LP Blowin & # 39; Your Mind! From. On your account
has released 39 studio albums, the latest You & # 39; re Driving Me Crazy Van
Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco appeared in April 2018. It is part of the discography
including six compilation albums.

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