Employee with an average wage earned in itself after 230 days, the Slovak tax burden continues to grow

BRATISLAVA, 19 August (WebNoviny.sk) – The total tax burden on Slovak citizens has steadily increased in recent years. According to the currently published results of the European Investment Center and the Conservative Institute, Mr Štefánik (KI), it rose to 63.01% compared to the average employee compensation last year.

In 2017, compared to the previous year, the tax rate increased by 1.15 percentage points and to 2.7 percentage points compared to 2014.

After tax "he left" the salary of more than EUR 800

Employee with an average gross salary of EUR 954 per month and the total remuneration to which it belongs (19690000) Money "am-card-image =" top "data-lazy-srcset =" https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/ 32/2017/03 / thinkstockphotos-511784526-81×54.jpg 81w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/03/thinkstockphotos-511784526-676×451.jpg 676w, https: //cdn.webnoviny. sk / sites / 32/2017/03 / thinkstockphotos-511784526-160×107.jpg 160w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/03/thinkstockphotos-511784526-312×208.jpg 312w, https: // cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/03/thinkstockphotos-511784526-672×448.jpg 672w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/03/thinkstockphotos-511784526-120×80.jpg 120w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/03/thinkstockphotos-511784526.jpg 724w "sizes =" (m ax-width: 81px) 100vw, 81px "data-dominant-color =" # ead2e4 "/>

The day of the tax deduction

The average contractor worked almost 230 days for almost all taxes and started to earn himself and your family from 231 onwards. The symbolic and hypothetical tax day, because an average contractor would no longer pay taxes and would only earn himself and his family, fell on August 20 this year to the Institute.

Of the total remuneration of an average contractor in Slovakia in 2017, they first deducted income taxes, including social security contributions of 44.2%, followed by property tax of 2% and finally in the form of higher consumer goods and services prices 15.9% and from the business sector 0.8%

After taxes the balance of the money was 37%

the tax distribution context according to the current legal status represented last year 34.9% of social and health care payments, 6.7% of personal income tax, 9.0% VAT, 3.67% of excise duties and other taxes of almost 9% of the total compensation of the employee

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Last year, the taxpayer's income was the most taxed (70.1% of total taxes), then consumption (26.4%), real estate (2.2%) and companies (1.3%). ). Among the beneficiaries of these administratively imposed payments was the state (79.8% of taxes), followed by municipalities (9.5%), then private companies (7.6%), VUs (3) %) and, 0.1%)

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