Everyone has the right to set up a party, Simon is the 153th trusted leader

Cooperation with the emerging party, Most-Hid has no comment yet.

Bratislava on September 2 – Zsolt Simon has the right of every citizen of the Slovak Republic to establish a political party. According to the current list of registered political parties, it is the 153th trusted leader in Slovakia. This was recited by the statement Most-Hid in response to the initiative of his former vice-president Simon to establish a new party of the Hungarian-Hungarian Forum.

Cooperation with the emerging party, Most-Hid has no comment yet. "Based on his (former) statements by Simon, the emerging party does not appear to be a collaborative project: when it comes to and will not only be known, against whom and what, but also for what and how this party wants to fulfill its program, said Mosta-Hid spokeswoman Klára Debnár.

Unscented member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Zsolt Simon has announced that he and his team will be collecting signatures for the emergence of a new party, the Hungarian-Hungarian Forum. Simon was a member of the SMK in the past and he was co-founder of Most-Hid after his departure. He left after the party entered into the coalition with Smer-SD and CIS. Now he is starting a new party because he thinks that Hungarians in Slovakia do not have anyone to vote for.

The emerging party refuses to cooperate with Smerom-SD, SNS and LSNS. Funded must be from own resources. It wants to change generations, bring new approaches and be represented by all regions. The required 10,000 signatures for registration are scheduled to be collected by the party this year and want to participate in the parliamentary elections in 2020.

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