EXCEPTIONAL REPORT Researchers have revealed the first details! Alena ordered the murder of Jana Kuciak for 70 thousand

The Attorney General announced Monday a press conference in which he informs the results of the investigation. The public prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár, the prosecutors of the prosecutor's office, the police chief Milan Lučanský and the director of the national anti-crime unit NAKA, Branislav Zurian, have given their opinion.

Attorney General Jaromír Čižnár reiterated that the public would be informed if the investigation was postponed. He added that the opposite is that politicians refer to the case. The research team has absolute support.

Some defendants have been convicted in the past. It can not be a violent crime.

"In a classical way he joined the police corps (Tomáš Szabo), where he worked as a researcher, and he was mistaken and went on his own request to a district department, which is unusual in the case of an interviewer, and then left for a citizen where we lost because he was no longer a policeman, " said one of the accused Lucian.

The fact that accused Tomáš Szabo, who was a reconnaissance investigator, had previously acted as a policeman, the prosecutor said he did not answer the police what he did after he left the police. According to M. Lučansky, both his psychotests and other issues will be dealt with by the police and the inspectorate.

When asked if the evidence confirmed that the killer had waited in the house and Martin and then John had shot dead, it was only that way "it has not yet been confirmed that it would be different."

The police know the period in which the order may have started with the treatment of the murder. However, they have not given up a more exact time.

The districts in Kolarov should help Friday's arrest in Komárno. Whether the accused knows each other, is authorized to refuse to make comments. "No US satellite in this criminal case has been exploited," said the prosecutor. No known IP address information has been published.

"So far we do not have to deal directly with Kocner, we do not crack him, we will solve the four suspects and see what we will discover in the investigation," said the supervisory prosecutor.

The period of disclosure of identity must be tactical. "It was published for tactical reasons and it is true that we were able to identify a person who was at the time of the murder at the time of the murder, it is not a fictional person, only for the sake of tactics" It was heard.

"Given the potential benefits for an accomplice perpetrator is premature," said the public prosecutor. The sculptor said that if the perpetrators made no mistakes, they would not like it today.

Earlier research had to prove that the order of the murder was for journalist Jana Kuciak. His fiancé Martina Kušnírová was a nonchalant victim.

The public prosecutor did not comment on whether Marius Kocner was also suspect. The murder weapon is currently not in the hands of the police. "We have a complaint," said Branislav Zurian.

It was said in the press that the police action had the name news. According to the researchers, Alena Zsuzs (44) would probably pay the money to the executor. But they did not give up where they had finances. Tomas Szabo would become a shooter, Zoltán Andruskó would become a broker and Miroslav Marček was the driver and helper.

The murder of John Kuciak is shocked by Slovakia: these four persons must be criminally responsible

On September 27, 2018, police conducted 12 home visits and 13 inspections of non-residential buildings. They kept it total 570 ft. Among them, for example, two automatic weapons with hubs and dampers. They also secured three motor vehicles, a cell phone and a cargo that were used in crimes. A day later they took another home visit and secured mobile phones.

The international team continues to operate. Director of the National Anti-Infographic Unit NAKA Branislav Zurian has specified details of the intervention. "Police action started at 2 o'clock in the morning," he said. It was attended by 150 police officers, NAKA, criminal engineers, experts, police officers from special forces and Europol.

Police President Milan Lučanský said that the new Director of Europol gave them full support. He approached the analytical work in the first part of the research. The final part was aimed at perpetrators. "We have reduced our line of suspects and perpetrators and tried to let our customers work with us," he explained.

The supervisory attorney at the Special Prosecutor's office stated that the customer had paid at least 70-thousand euros for the murder assignment. "The order was for 50-thousand euros in cash, plus another 20 thousand euros was forgiveness of the debt," approached. Debt had an intermediary with the customer.

Regarding the actual investigation of the perpetrators, the public prosecutor of UEP thanked the police and the researchers for the moral work. He has not specified exactly what he is doing, because the research continues according to his words.

Shocking revelation of Alena accused of the order of the murder of John and Martha: the older father Kocner

"Seven months in such an act, and in such a state the time is not long, but relatively short," Said Cizarne. He warned, however, that the details of the case would not have been made yet. "I think the pressure on the police and the prosecution was enough," The Attorney General said, and thanked hundreds of police officers, prosecutors, foreign agents and Europol for cooperation.

According to Chiznar, the evidence currently available is very strong and it is the reason that four people were accused. "So far it is still in the accusation stage, so the excessive optimism is misplaced," he said that there is a big premise that the case will come to a good end. "We can only be satisfied if those who have been charged are also legally convicted," he expressed himself.

Prosecutor General Jaromír Čižnár.

General prosecutor on Monday

Source: Jan Zemiar

Prosecutor General Jaromír Čižnár said in the beginning that dozens of people spoke about the case and found that some of them were in the position that thanks to them the shift in the investigation and the arrest of possible perpetrators took place. "I start to worry that some politicians want to get political capital out of it," he said.

Murder Kuciak and Kushnirov

Journalist John Kuciak and his fiancé Martinu Kušnířová were murdered on February 21, 2018. Their bodies were found a few days later when their parents in Velka Mači called the police because Jan and Martin had not reported them. Policemen in the house discovered their bodies on Monday, February 26.

Investigation into the murder has caused a number of mistakes from the beginning. Prosecutor General Jaromír Čižnár insisted that if it is proven that the work is related to the work of the journalist, he extends hell in Slovakia. The fact that the murder was ordered and the cause of the cruel act was the journalistic work of Kuciakova, finally confirmed by the prosecutor of the prosecution, who also published the identity of a possible witness "could at that moment move to the place of the deed".

EXTERNAL REPORT Researchers have revealed

Source: police

For some days, elite agents intervened in Kolárove, where they held murder suspects. A day later, in Komárno, where they kept the 44-year-old Alina, who had to interpret Kočner and she was also the daughter of her daughter's daughter-in-law, she had a well-known Samaritan, Marián, who gave food and clothing to the homeless. All accused of ordering the murder.

The Supreme Court can not decide yet

The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic can not yet decide on the complaints against the arrest of three defendants in the case of the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé. "The complaints from the NS SR have not been attacked to this day," the spokeswoman for NS SR Alexandra Važanová said on Monday.

If complaints are submitted to the accused, the NS SR must decide on the non-public hearing within five working days. According to unofficial information, the writings about the accused are quite extensive.

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