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The railways of the Slovak Republic will work to restore the water resistance of one of the bridges between the stations Kostivarska and Uľanka from Wednesday, August 22, 8:00 am, to August 23, 20:00. Passengers are transported with a spare bus service for the central station in station B. Bystrica to Uľanka. The subsequent delay of the trains involved must be within 20 minutes.

Monday 20.08. 09:35

On Sunday afternoon, Banskobystrický letecký záchranář zasáhli do oblasti pod Derešským kotlem after Chopku. From a height of about 200 meters fell a 65-year-old paraglider from Hungary who had an injury to the lower extremity. Together with the rescuers he got straight from the helicopter and a member of the mountain rescue service, which he concluded with the doctor using the rope technique. Paraglajdistu treated and then evacuated from the ground. He was transported to the Roosevelt hospital with a broken leg.

Saturday 18.08. 20:30

Firefighters from Banskobystricki leave after the nineteenth hour to fire the cottage on Laskomerská Street in Laskomer. It is likely that the chimney-like body has caught the attic of the holiday home. The fire department had to continue dismantling the roof construction. No one hurt in the fire. There were seven firefighters with two devices on site.

Friday 17.08. 07:51

Banskobystricki firefighters intervened on Friday morning in Horni Pršany in a pair of burning passenger cars. For the destruction of the fire, eight firefighters used three high pressure currents and one C power on two vehicles.

Thursday 16.08. 10:20

The organization Transparency International Slovakia criticizes the management of the BBSK for the publication of regional newspapers. Thirteen photo's of Jan Lunter's president on 16 pages of newspapers have been described as a "personality cult" and they also criticize the fact that Komplot Advertising, which worked for Luntero in the election campaign, was also responsible for the preparation of newspapers. In response, the BBSK acknowledged the content errors in their response and said that they had removed them in the August issue.

Wednesday 15.08. 13:11

Allergists in these weeks are most afraid of the feathers of palm and ambergias, traditionally the most striking summer allergens. The highest concentrations of ambergris pollen in Slovak regional locations were measured in Banská Bystrica in the past week. Allergens will remain concerned for the increasing concentration of these allergens. As informed by the Regional Public Health Office in B. Bystrici, the atmosphere is still the pollen of skorcelu, juniper, root, astral and root plants. Mushroom traces grow quickly.

Tuesday 14.08. 22:14

On the mountain Sturec crosses the fire brigade of the station Banská Bystrica with two pieces of fire fighting technique. In the bus there were then 25 people at the time of the fire, but nothing happened. The more significant traffic restrictions on route I / 14 have not yet been reported. Firefighters fire on fire due to high pressure, but also use fire extinguishing foam. There is a police station on site and there is also a fire alarm. Read more in article …

Tuesday 14.08. 16:44

On Monday evening, Professor Beloslav Riečan († 81), a prominent Slovak mathematician, died in 1998 at the UMB, UMB, holder of the Raduudovit Štúra I class, after a serious illness. However, the Banskobystričanom was also known as the organizer of the cultural event and in particular of the organist. The inhabitant of Žilina, who had been in the Gymnasium since Banska Bystrica, served as the Evangelicals' cantor and. in. in Banska Bystrica. The final farewell takes place on 20 August at 2 pm in the Evangelical Church on Lazovna Street.

Friday 10.08. 17:41

On Saturday at 17.00 the second round footballer MFK Dukla Banska Bystrica will be welcomed in Štiavničky B by his rival MŠK Žilina, who not only promises a nice performance on the playground. In addition, Dukla will try to compensate for the loss of the Cup from Fiľakov. The club has prepared itself for fans' actions in the form of free access to the standing sector. The first home game of red and white in the season against Poprad was followed by 1,235 spectators in Štiavnice.

Friday 10.08. 14:17

On the I / 59 between Stará Horá a Motyčkami a passenger car was turned around after 13.00 hours next to the road. One person was injured on the spot. There are five members of the Fire and Rescue Corps of Banska Bystrica who were the first to assist the wounded. Then the health savers and the police, who directed traffic on the spot, intervened.

Thursday 09.08. 00:06

Also on Friday, August 10, the police prepares a special inspection on the roads of the B. Bystrica district, aimed at respecting the obligations of the vehicle keeper with the help of the Institute of Objective Responsibility. Drivers do not have to stop directly on the road in violation of the Road Traffic Act, but the decision to impose a fine for a violating offense comes by mail to the holder of the vehicle.

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