Fast living: suspicion of violating the rights of customers

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) takes over the documents from the Broken Insurance Company Rapid Life on Tuesday 4 September at the Kosice office of the National Bank of Slovakia.

These are the materials that are retained after the execution of the forced administration and it is clear that the obligations of the former management of Rapid Life for the management of foreign assets are obvious. Informed about the consumer center. "The NAKA documents must also be submitted to NAKA during the course of the investigation, which will demonstrate the financial flows within the insurance company and the handling of insured money." the Consumer Center said.

He pointed out that documents were taken over by NAKA more than a year after the filing of the criminal record. This was filed in August last year by the forced administrator Irena Sopková for suspicion of committing various crimes. "In addition to the fact that the obligation to manage foreign assets is not taken into account, the former management also suspects fraud or transfers of assets of the insurance company under conditions of considerable unfavorable nature. For example, the former management of an insurance company has sold several million claims for a three-euro association business, "said the Consumer Center.

He recalled that Rapid Life's profits and profits have dropped rapidly over the last decade as the building has gradually reached a fast zero. "The lack of money was attributed to the management of an insurance company that was not paid by receivables from ongoing disputes with the National Bank of Slovakia. However, public records show that the insurance company has been unfavorably traded with securities with associated companies, " the Consumer Center said.

The forced administration in mid-June 2017 introduced the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) in the insurance company. The reason was that the insurance company seriously undermines the rights of customers. The forced administrator brought a criminal notice to the lawyers. According to the former management of the insurance company, a declaration of forced administration was an illegal procedure and thus a violation of the right to a fair trial.

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