Firefighters beat interventions in western Slovakia

In connection with the massive rain that swept in the west of Slovakia on Saturday, the firefighters have interfered many times. The fire service was injured. The Bratislava hospital in Ružinov still has problems.

About the attacks of firefighters who intervened on Saturday in the west of Slovakia, informed Katarína Križanová on Sunday of the fire brigade. During hits he exceeded number one.

In the Bratislava region firefighters touch 67 times. The storm activity in this region was mainly occupied by members and voluntary firefighters in the capital. People have not surprised the flood of the reconstructed recently opened underpass of the Trnava toll.

In the Trnava region firemen carried out 25 strands and storms in the storm Region Nitra hit 11 times. In this connection, they mainly drained water from flooded areas and roads and removed the packed trees from parked vehicles.

The professional firefighter in removing the effects of the unfavorable weather helped volunteer firefighters from various voluntary fire brigades in the Bratislava region.

Ružinovská nemocnice continues to have problems

In the Bratislava hospital in Ružinov after the intense rain on Saturday, the fire brigades were still being hit. The healthcare hospital offers patients the exception of conditions that require acute hospitalization. "We delivered this patient to the hospital in Kramároch and Petržalka," said Eva Kliská, a spokeswoman for the University Hospital in Bratislava.

Rainwater penetrated Saturday into the basement and limited the operation of elevators. "Instead, the firefighters who have drained rain all night, the work continues, so that all rooms and elevators can be fully operational in the shortest possible time, "said the spokeswoman.

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