For heavy rainfall in the west, firefighters have hit more than a hundred times

Lejak not only paved the way, and the Ružinov hospital also caused problems, which meant that the central income could not run.

In connection with the Saturday (1.9.) Intense rainfall in western Slovakia, the firefighters varied over a hundred times in the 24-hour period. They drained most of the water from flooded areas and roads and removed the wrapped trees from parked vehicles. Professional firefighters also helped firefighters from multiple churches to help.

The most exciting firefighters went to Bratislava, where they hit 67 times. "There were 25 outposts in the Trnava region and 25 times in the Nitra region," said Katarína Križanová of the Presidium of the Fire and Rescue Corps.

On Saturday morning, the flood flooded several roads, not even a public transport line. The problems were also caused by the hospital in Ružinov, which meant that the central income could not work.

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