For loud music, one of the neighbors ended with the pierced lungs

After ten hours the police patrol was sent to a burglary case and threatening. But it ended as an attempt at the crime of damage to health.

It all started with music that would not spread out from the neighbors for the first time. "She played music but no scenes, sir, angry that I came here, penetrated me, kicked it without saying what happened," said a relative of the family who was blowing music.

The owners of the broken telephone, speaker and keyboards called the police to the neighbor. Although for that reason he had more the loss of patience. "In the morning my brother died, and I said to the neighbor at the gate that I listen to you, radio or music because my brother died," said the uncle of a wounded man.

Despite warning the teenagers behind the fence to prevent music being saddened by family grief, there is no correction. The son of a poor man chose after ten hours to the neighboring house and solved it manually. He also flashed the desk speaker. The neighbors felt damaged, so they called the police. Meanwhile she pulled out of the street that had ended with a knife in her back. The eighteen-year-old DJ wanted to defend his mother in this way after seeing one of his sad neighbors on the street. The dotted neighbor ended with the pierced lungs on the street, the peak is still free.

The case is already being resolved by the police.


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