For Myjava a warning applies at the second level prior to the flooding

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute alarmed the second phase before the floods and the storms.

In the Myjava district, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) warned of the warning before flooding and storms with cruises to the second phase. The warning is valid from 14.45 to 17.00.

The first level of flood warning was issued by SHMÚ for the Senica, Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Šaľa districts. They are valid from 14.45 to 17.30. The SHMU informs it on its website.

At the same time, he also raised warnings to the second phase before the storms in the Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Trenčín, Ilava, Púchov, Galanta, Šaľa, Nitra and Nové Zámky districts. The warning of the second phase before the storms is valid from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

For the remainder of Slovakia, an alarm from the first level before the storms remains in force until midnight.

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