For you are a revealing and fading breeze. . . ! –

Because you are a seemingly fading par. . !

All believers who make plans in life without regard to God's eternal knowledge with the people on this planet Earth are like those who inspired James by inspiration: & # 39; And you who say: today or tomorrow we travel to that city to spend a year there and do business and earn, while you do not know what your life will be tomorrow. Because you're a par that just pops up and then disappears & # 39 ;! How can we correctly understand Jakub's inspired expression

A very interesting comparison of people with water, but in terms of the scientific and biblical symbolic thoughts and facts of life, very urgent! Why? For a number of reasons! For starters, we actually have to look at this biblical statement from the point of view of our Creator! According to scientific estimates, the human body contains on average up to 75 percent water.

To compare the life of our Creator with the life of man, the apostle Peter writes in the first century to the Christian, inspired by the inspiration: "But do not let it escape your attention one fact, love that on a day with Jehovah is like a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. "So the short life of the human body, which raises the water, seems to be for our Creator and his heavenly angel, just like a water vapor that appears only for a very short time and then forever disappears from the point of view of celestial beings

When I see yours heaven …


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