Forgotten photos of the occupation in the light of the world. People who were born in the shadow of tanks also spoke

Unique photo's come from slides that have been stored in archives for decades. They capture the events in Prešov in the 1950s, when people built their own bodies with tank allied troops.

There are nine shots. Nine views of what happened in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. After the abrogated Prešov amendment, the slides ended in the editors of the student papers. At that time no one thought that they would ever decorate the city center as a memory for current and future generations.

Fear and uncertainty

"Actually, in that hectic period, a gentleman, an unknown author of these shots, came to my future staff and gave them a hint to show people what it looked like in & # 39; says the publisher František Oľha. The husbands of Oľhovec were young women with a young child. The tanks eventually reached the spot and captured historical photos.

"I thought and I was afraid that the other Hungary would come," says Frantisek. The slides had to be digitized before they ended up in such large sizes. Now their discoverer is looking for their author. "Unfortunately, it will probably not work," Frantisek thinks.

Birth in the shadow of tanks

Fifty years of occupation is also remembered by 50-year-olds born on the day of the invasion of Russian soldiers. "Right at these places like the university they went through an ambulance, there were Soviet tanks, they stopped here with an ambulance. Sanitair went out and gestured with the Russians that he had two pregnant women there and the Russians were killed without the hesitation of the sanatorium. Mama said she almost gave birth to that sanatorium, " recalls the story of Jozef Mihok, the fifty-year-old.

Nowadays, the Czech actress Michaela Kudláčková is also known for her 50th birthday. Originally Michaelin came to the world, parents later expect, but the Russian soldiers accelerated it. "She was forced to take the baby who had brought him one hour after the delivery because they could not guarantee his life" Michael says. Instead of the joy of the baby that came to the world, parents were afraid of their fears.

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