Free lunch responds to OĽaNO

Every student must have a warm lunch every school day.

Likewise, every child must have it in the last year of the nursery class, as well as every day spent in the nursery class. It is proposed by the OĽANO movement in the amendment of the law on education and training (education law), which it submitted at the September session of Parliament. "The goal is to improve nutrition in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools," justify the ordinary.

Government Smer-SD has previously announced that it wants to introduce free meals for children in the last year of kindergartens and for children in primary schools. Each child should receive 1.2 euros per day from the state to eat. This measure would cost Slovakia EUR 106 million.

"If the government is already planning to spend these meals in schools and school facilities, we recommend making sure that this happens children and pupils get a good price for this financial contribution, in the form of a hot lunch, " adds OĽaNO.

Insufficient nutrition influences the health and well-being of children in the development of their growth, cognition and behavior. It also causes emotional and academic problems for children. "Providing a hot lunch will improve eating habits and learning outcomes, especially for pupils with a socially disadvantaged background and students from marginalized groups who do not have access to hot food, " adds OĽaNO.

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