G. Gál discusses the election of the judges of the Central Committee with the coalition and the opposition

Bratislava, October 1 (TASR) – Minister of Justice Gábor Gál (Most-Híd) will discuss this week how the rules for the choice of constitutional judges by coalition and opposition are changed. He believes he can reach a compromise. It informs you about the social network.

"This week will be a breakthrough, I will negotiate with the coalition and the opposition." The election of constitutional judges goes into the final, " Gál announced, with his proposal as the only balanced and uncompromising. According to his words, the representatives of SaS and OĽaNO also suggested that they talk about the election of constitutional judges.

"There is little time for the exchange of judges, so it is necessary for coalition and opposition parliamentarians to be held accountable and together we have changed the current unsatisfactory choice system" the minister emphasized. He claims that it is not in the interest of the coalition to maintain this status.

The proposal of the Ministry of Justice is balanced in his words and tightens the conditions for the candidates. Gál recalls rules such as hearing candidates in a constitutional constitutional committee or the need to motivate the candidacy with a letter of motivation.

An amendment by the office of his department, according to Gala, also increases the election power of the president and increases the quorum needed to choose a candidate for a constitutional judge from 39 to 76 parliamentary votes. "It will greatly increase the legitimacy of the chosen candidates" Gál said.

It stresses the need for the election of candidates so that the Constitutional Court is not disturbed. "This proposal opens the election and helps in selecting inappropriate candidates," said the minister. It is assumed that stricter criteria will ensure that, "that every expert will think beforehand whether he / she will sign up for such a new open election if he / she does not meet the criteria."

The amendment to the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and the corresponding new rules for the selection of candidates for judges of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic are in second reading. Members of the European Parliament can come up with changes to integrate into newcomers. Minister Gál wants to improve the process of selecting candidates for constitutional judges. To achieve this, by tightening qualification conditions for their appointment.

Parliament must decide on the changes at the October meeting. She should also soon choose candidates for constitutional judges. I depart from 13 constitutional judges, in February 2019 the term of office ends.

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