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How much should the wages of the nurses increase?

The draft budget for 2019 provides for a salary increase as agreed by the Ministry of Finance (MF) and the Ministry of Health (MZ).

Salaries from Slovak nurses will grow to 16 percent next year. According to this proposal, a budget of € 5.2 billion must be available for the department. Finance must be used in addition to the salaries of medical staff, for reconstruction, medical equipment, screening or reversible deaths. Minister of Finance Peter Kažimir (Smer-SD) and minister of health Andrea Kalavska (nominee Smeru-SD) have told the press conference.

"Sister specialist has a salary increase of up to 16 percent from 1 January 2019. In the net it would cost him about 100 to 130 euros from the payment band. The salaries of medical staff will increase by more than 200 million euros. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance continue to negotiate in the discussion of wage increases, "Kalavska said, aware that" the biggest problem of health care is employee relations ".

That is why the Ministry of Health has decided to deposit a large amount to raise salaries in the health sector. "Our first intention was to look at the wages of health professionals, and we found an agreement with the MF that there will be the highest total wage increase, especially for middle class health workers, nurses, midwives and sanitary," Kalavska said. "There should be an increase of ten percent on the rate"she promised.

According to the ministry, the Ministry of the Interior is not only striving to stop staff in institutional facilities and outpatient clinics, but also to tighten the investment debt in Slovak hospitals. The head of the healthcare department wants to use these capital expenditures to equip hospitals better, to renovate instruments and to renovate and renovate health care facilities.

According to Kalavska, funds must also be used to prevent avoidable deaths. "With this money we will work on the implementation of the screening programs, to prevent it from occurring in the early stages of the disease, when it is less good and the effect of the treatment is much greater, "Kalavska said, and the refinancing of outpatient emergency services, urgent incomes and emergency medical services should be adjusted.

"For the first time in history, healthcare has a budget of € 5.2 billion. I mean resources in the public health system, health insurance, but also the total funds transferred to the budget chapter of the Ministry of Health, "said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Kažimír.

According to the head of the Ministry of Finance, this is "the largest budgeted year-on-year increase in health sector expenditures between 2018 and 2019, that is, between this year's budget and the next year's plan." "The difference is more than 300 million euros, we plan a 6.2 percent increase in expenditure between 2018 and 2019," Kažimír said.

The Ministry of Finance also increases the funds to be spent on reconstruction and investment of 100 million euros. "After the consultation it was agreed that the MF would replace the payment percentage of the state by determining the fixed amount of the state payment for the insured persons of the state that will be established by the State Budget Law for the respective financial year," said Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, "the MF was based on clearly certified public health expenditure for 2017".

The draft budget must be submitted by the head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to the Government of the Slovak Republic for the meeting on 10 October.

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