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Hummingbirds intervened in Humenne. The case has to do with medication

The police accused Humencanka and Michalovčana.

HUMENNÉ. It was shot in the middle of the industrial park. Kukláči chased a car in which a man and a woman were sitting. They got it in the parking lot.

The case has to do with medication. The police are trying to get information. The first was informed by TV JOJ.

The action took place in the middle of the afternoon. The police drove a car with a two-man team.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke for TV JOJ, the police shot the car. They managed to stop him in the parking lot next to the football stadium.

The car crew was subjected to a personal inspection by the police, the car also followed a specially trained dog.

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Drug crime

Prešov spokesperson for the regional police Jana Ligday confirmed that the investigator of the police headquarters of the police in Humenné is conducting a prosecution in the event of a crime of drug-related crime.

"On the basis of the evidence, the accusations were presented to two detainees, a 21-year-old Humenne woman and a 28-year-old man from Michaloviec Experimenting with the study confirmed that methamphetamine was a precursor substance," she said.

The investigator handled a motion to submit a motion to strike the accused.

"In order to prevent a misinterpretation of procedural steps, it is currently not possible to provide further information," added Ligday.

Even on Thursday afternoon the car was parked. The front front wheel front tire has been lowered and the ball has been traced to the disc.

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