Hurbanov will probably not be a summer day for 44 days

The city of Hurbanovo probably has no summer day after 44 days (from 12 July to 24 August 2018).

On the social network, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) reports that it is not yet possible to confirm this for one hundred percent, but according to the operational data of the automatic station there was a maximum of 24 ° C on Saturday.

"It is the second longest series of summer days on this station since 1901 since 1992," says SHMU.

Also interesting are the years 1904 and 1995. In the first year, not one break (July 20, 1904), he could go to Hurbanova for 53 days, a long series of summer days. In 1995 it could be a series of up to 61 days with a maximum air temperature of 25 ° C and higher, no interruptions 9.8.1995.

In 2003, when there was a record number of summer days in Hurbanova (117), there were several interruptions (the maximum temperature was below 25 ° C) and so the longest series of summer days had "only" 30 days.

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