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I already had the need to specify the presidential. . .

The month of September is undoubtedly the beginning of autumn in the familiar quarter of the seasons on our planet, and if there is certainty that the presidential elections are already in the program in the spring of the following year, that is, with the year 2019, so that the audience of our house, that is, who has the sung predicate according to the law, of course, this problem mainly started to address because the affair with this problem is really free that time program with the laws of us validly prescribed!

Every Slovak citizen with the quality of integrity has the right to take part in free presidential elections, after the fulfillment of precisely defined conditions and especially since then, when current President Andrew Kiska announced to the people of this country his decision that he would no longer consider the extension of the office of the first citizen of the Slovak Republic and no longer stand before the elections, things related to the problem have started with an unprecedented interest. You know this, political parties, especially those with parliament, so obligatory, but in the context of the current level of political life in our country and in comparison with the quality of individual possible adepts for this function, it is really an issue of incredibly problematic and party-elected presidential candidates, actually neither of them is available, but those of the citizens have been around a lot since May, when the public reference of Kiskov became a known thing!

It is clear that I deliberately simplify this, most and we are a family Bélu Bugar and Milan Krajniak the candidates are likely to be delegated to the candidates more than likely – it has been confirmed for a long time, but in the light of real success in the elections, it is quite unlikely, so all this has the nature of mandatory formalities instead of serious matters, and so I found it more honest Kiskov refers the voter to the fact that he, as his successor, can propose civil candidates Zuzana Čaputová, Robert Mistrík and František Mikloška. because their citizenship is impeccable and the attitude towards things that characterize social events and the needs of the nation are democratic and fair.

So, with great personal responsibility, I decided to name my expectations in this area of ​​the national future from the reservoir of the candidates of that citizen, but nothing can be done, it is supported by the party SaS and faith and together – Citizen Democracy Miroslav Beblavý and as I said, this name is mentioned by President Kiska as a credit note, and I imagine that Dr.Ing. Robert Mistrik, a chemist, an entrepreneur and a scientist, as well as a politician, the middle age of the Slovak population, who was already baked not only by the results of his work, but also by public recognition. He is the winner of the Head of Innovation Award 2008, has public thanks for the purity of the name of the winner of OH Matej Tóth and Pribinov crossclass 1 for 2018 and if I have faithfully convinced myself in all aspects of the presentation of his being of all that is the reality of his life, I am convinced that he is a candidate for the president of the SR, not only real, but especially worthy of it. honor …

And I also have good arguments, in direct contradiction with Fico's claim that the election of constitutional judges in our country will cause a serious constitutional crisis to reject itAs long as the coalition has a reliable constitutional majority in parliament, the 18 presidential candidates can not pick a problem, and if that happens, it must be resolved at that time by its dissolution and new elections, or even more convincing critics. The constitutional judge must be at least 45 years old and must be elected by a constitutional majority of 90 votes and not just by 76 delegates in the majority, and in a personal presentation public gurus must disclose that if he he must be appointed as a constitutional judge, for example Fica – if he was a candidate he would not do it, he would never trust him!

His safety in this matter has also been highlighted by a challenge for all presidential candidates of the candidates to discuss this topic now and in public, so that the majority of citizens and practitioners can make the pressure on parliament fully convincing and decisive, because the need for accredited judges is a duty as quickly as possible.

His decision to become presidential candidate was publicly announced a few hours after the Kisk report that he no longer acted for the Presidential Office in the 2019 elections, which proved more than just symbolically that his opponent would not have happened completely and not accidentally exactly as good. he works with Agency Komplot. which is a reliable guarantee for democratic decisions in every area of ​​social life, and the question of what to do with it, whether it is supposed to be as if "Kiska No. 2" responded very calmly and specified all this as follows.

I will come to the electorate with my own election program, with my own life story, so I will not deal with any identification, but he said that the campaign would cover Kiska from his own financial resources, or with the only sponsor, which would be presented honestly and in no way be doubted by his bourgeois qualities – family, work, public life, and attitudes in his proof …

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