Imports of workers from abroad must be simplified, Pellegrini also wants to employ the Roma

BRATISLAVA, 28 August ( – Public authorities should take measures in the next two weeks to simplify the process of controlled labor input from abroad.

After negotiations with representatives of employers' organizations and trade union representatives about resolving labor shortages in Slovakia, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said.

Companies refuse orders

"There is a crisis situation in Slovakia," he said. According to him, businesses in Slovakia must refuse contracts due to lack of labor and Slovakia is no longer competitive. "Clear tasks have been given and we have to work on it," he said.

Slovakia, according to him, against the historically lowest unemployment figures, stands for the phenomenon of a labor shortage, where companies encounter barriers to the import of foreign workers.

The Prime Minister has given the trade union a guarantee that the government will not take any measures that would worsen the position of our employees. According to Pellegrini, the aliens in Slovakia should work under the same conditions as the citizens of Slovakia.

Support for the employment of Roma

He pointed out that in terms of the number of foreign nationals in the country, Slovakia is working at the tail of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), while only 1% of people from abroad work in Slovakia. More than 60,000 foreigners are currently working in Slovakia, half of them from Member States of the European Union and the other half from non-EU countries.

Peter Pellegrini, Thorbjorn Jagland, Council of Europe

According to the prime minister, the Roma must also be supported. "It is necessary to find a motivation system for companies that employ Roma for more than 12 months, they can benefit from it," Pellegrini said.

The number of foreigners working in Slovakia at the end of July was more than 60,000. Compared with the end of June this year, this is an increase of 2.1 thousand, compared to the end of July the number of foreigners working in Slovakia increased by 16.9 thousand.

Most Serbs and Romanians work

The citizens of Serbia are the most representative on the Slovakian labor market. Those in Slovakia at the end of July were nearly 14.2 thousand, that is with more than 4.8 thousand on an annual basis. This appears from data published by the Center for Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic.

On the other side are the citizens of Romania who came to work for 10,000 by the end of the seventh month of this year. Year after year, the number of Romanian citizens working in Slovakia increased by 1.8 thousand.

This is followed by Hungary, which at the end of last month was employing almost 5.5 thousand of its citizens in Slovakia. Compared to July of the previous year, their number increased by 1.2 thousand.

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