In a more than two-year-old chapel, the fire has completely destroyed the roof

The day after the Helena Festival of Feasts, the chapel of St. Helena. Firefighters have long fought and even had to return during the day.

STAY BYSTRICA. On Sunday, the residents of the settlement wanted to play, and in the chapel was also a feast. A few hours later she was rescued by firefighters.

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Fire chapels

On Monday evening, on Thursday evening, the firefighters in Rozkvet broke into the settlement. The holy chapel of Helena. Almost 20 professional and voluntary firefighters from Považská Bystrica, Púchov, Trenčín, HaZZ rescue brigades in Žilina and voluntary firefighters from Papradna and Považská Teple fought with fire.

The fire was under control in the third hour and it was destroyed by about six in the morning. But then they did not have peace. On Tuesday at ten o'clock in the morning the fire brigade was sent twice again. They controlled the vapors and fired the hidden enemies that broke out again.

Their sirens woke up

According to a deputy of the city council for the town of Rozkvet František Matušík, the voice of the fire sirens aroused the inhabitants of the settlement shortly after midnight. "I had a few phone calls that our chapel burned, our jewel of Pink.The chapel started to burn from the lower part of the tower, despite the intervention of the professional firefighters, the fire spread lightly over the roof of the dried wooden shingle Within a few minutes, a burning flash of light was lit from the roof that lit the entire estate, "Matušík said.

He added that the firefighters deserve a dismissal, which the "parked" cars had to "tie" to get to the fire and fire hydrants. "It is sad, on Sunday (we remembered Saint Helena's holiday in the settlement, there was a holy mass," the deputy added.


The police began to investigate the fire. "The investigator began with criminal prosecution for the crime of harming foreign affairs," regional police spokeswoman Elena Antal informed.

The vandalism of the residents of Pink Flower and the whole city was furious. Even during the night, a few dozen Rosary residents gathered in the chapel. With sadness they watched as the fire picked up the roof of the chapel, where only a few hours ago the solemn feast took place. "I do not see how anyone could do it, I had a view of the clock tower, I was on holiday at the time of the fire, and when I came back I saw nothing, very sad," says Peter.

They have to wait for statics

Spymaster Priest Wieslaw Krzyszycha said Helena's chapel is the dominant feature of Rozkvet and all of Považská Bystrica, and the tragedy that has happened is a big question mark for many. "We have to wait for the entire building to assess the statics and take steps to restore the chapel because it is here and here more like this settlement." A settlement without this chapel is not a settlement, "he said.

The fire also destroyed the historic bell, according to firefighters it has torn it in six parts. "It may be possible to separate something from him, but he will never be in such a form", said the church, Ján Svitek.
He added that happiness in unhappiness is that the bell did not creak the floor and did not fall into the sacristy underneath. & The holy objects and everything we had could be taken from the church and transferred to the parish. Only images above the altar remained inside, but they are not damaged. The walls are partly cloudy. The stairs in the tower have been destroyed, it will have to be restored, "added the church.
According to the Mayor of Považská Bystrica, Karol Janas is a fire disaster for all residents of Považská Bystrica. "Thanks for the fire service for professional work, thanks to which only the roof has been burnt down, but according to the information we have, the entire interior of the chapel and sacred objects was saved, because it is a national cultural monument and one of the most important monuments from Považská Bystrica, the city will certainly help with the renovation. "

It was restored in the last century

Chapel Saint Helena built in 1728, this year memorize 290 years from the beginning. For years it served only for the cause, but it was completely destroyed by the Communists. Partly, at least in part, it was corrected in the bell in 1977, when an international six-day motorbike competition took place in Považská Bystrica. But the repair did not last long, shortly after the game, it was again destroyed by the vandals. It could not be destroyed because it was a national cultural monument. Then the largest settlement in Považská Bystrica grew, the damaged chapel remained in the middle.

The situation has changed since the Twilight Revolution, when the church was already able to decide on its objects. The first step was the repair of the chapel of St. Helena. Work began in April 1991 and regular services have been available since the end of August.

At the chapel the church is building a new temple, the capacity of the chapel for the number of ten thousand strong settlements was not enough. The church should serve the faithful in mid-October.

Two years away

As soon as the fire can destroy the church, they convinced them in Horni Marikova two years ago. In mid-August, two years ago, an unknown perpetrator fired a wooden church, the pride of the village. The fire had completely destroyed him and the bell had disappeared. The vandalism of the inhabitants of the village did not break. They started working intensively to build a new church in the portfolio. They would like to finish next year.

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