In Košice they unveiled the monument for Jan Kuciak and Martine Kušníř

The author of the work is the košický artist Peter Kalmus.

The monument for the murdered journalist Jana Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnířová was celebrated on Tuesday evening in a park in the South class in Košice. More than 100 people attended the show. The author of the work is the košický artist Peter Kalmus.

According to Kalmus, it is not essential who made the monument. "It's a tragic thing that happened half a year ago." A memory of innocent victims of cruel execution is still present in us, I think it is the first, but I believe it is not the last monument in Slovakia, "he said, if they do not have such memorials in Slovakia.

"There are only names on the monument, the portraits of Jana and Martina and the QR code that gives you the biographical details of both the cruel murdered, but also the details of the Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, police president, etc. ", explained Kalmus. He added that it is a symbolic tomb, which is still completed by greening and a tree will be planted.


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In a place where there is a rush

According to him, the place where the monument is located has taken its toll. "There is the bustle of the city, but there is also a piece of parchment and now a holy church." At the same time, he reminded that the monument was made from private sources and if someone damaged it, it will still be repaired.

The celebration of the monument was also attended by the parents of the murdered Ján Kuciak, the mother of Martin Kušníř and their lawyers. After the interviews the poem Tomáš Straka also started. She was followed by a forgiving mass for a few murdered victims of the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Zlatica Kušnírová expressed her thanks and the idea to make the memorial was a very nice gesture. "I believe that no one will distract," she told the media.

"I do not like politics, I have never even had it and these quarrels that it is very reconciled do not suit me", said Jozef Kuciak.

"I think that if the tragic death of Jana and Martina is logical, we are afraid to learn how to name things in real words, fight for the good, fight for a good life in Slovakia, what Ján and Martina I believe that even after half a year that specifically marks the 50th anniversary of the occupation, we will remember that these anniversaries are about the freedom of Slovakia ", said lawyer Lipos during the speech.

The double murder of a journalist and his fiancé took place on February 21 in a family house in Velka Maća. In the case of further processing.

Murder of John Kuciak

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