In Slovakia, no one has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the sentenced prisoner

Life-long punishment is currently in Slovak prisons for the life of convicted prisoners. The sentenced prisoner can be released at the earliest after 25 years.

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In the history of the Slovak Republic he has not yet been liberated from freedom
one of the prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment. last
it was the focus of the past week by Ľubor Masár in Okresný
court in Trnava. Currently, a life sentence is being served
in the Slovak institutions for serving prison sentences 55 prisoners. TASR
informed the director of the office of the general director of the prison corps
and Judicial Guard (APIA) Adrián Baláž.

"The court can condemn the convicted to freedom,
if convicted in the execution of the sentence by fulfilling his or her duties and by his own
behavior has shown improvement, and can be expected to do so
in the future, a good life will lead. A person who has been sentenced to life can be
conditionally implemented after twenty-five years of enforcement
punishment. Such a decision is taken by the competent district court in the district
of whom the sentenced person has been sentenced to life imprisonment for many
conditions "
Balaz said.

To show that the conditions for the conditional release of the sentenced person are met
the prison assessment institute.

"In addition to personal information, the assessment contains the information provided
in the opinion of the court and the data showing the condition that the conditional conditions have been met
in particular the assessment of the imprisoned behavior of the offender and
the execution of the sentence, the activity of the convicted person and the execution of the treatment program;
re-socialization prognosis according to the risk assessment of social failure.
Such an assessment must be objective and concrete at the end of the procedure
the recommendation of the director of the institute is made, regardless of whether the sentenced person demonstrates the execution
conditions for conditional introduction and conditional introduction
She recommends "
Balaz explained.

The Senate of the court in Trnava on Wednesday (May 5) concluded that
life condemned by Ľubor Masar will not be condemned to freedom.
The punishment was given as a contribution to the murder of the Dutchman Gabrielly
Widershoven-Groene, who played and was in August 1990
committed in an extremely aggressive way. The defense was submitted by the defender
convicted complaint. He would be the first to continue after 25 years

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