In the direction that they know that without Lajčák or Pellegrini risk a beating at the presidential election – Denník N

A few weeks before Smer officially introduced the presidential candidate, it seems to be a real concern. Such a candidate who would sign up for the presidential election in the T-shirt for the party and who has a real chance of success at the same time, has not yet appeared.

The reason for this is not the absence of cadres – Direction has two names, which according to both public and non-public surveys are almost certainly included in the second round of elections. What, in the light of the results of a year-long party government, can not be regarded as failure by chance. The problem with the direction is that he does not even want one.

Priority candidate, Minister for Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajcak, who goes inside says that he will not stand up for the president. In fact, at the moment it is at least vulnerable to admit that he has gone so far.

Internal survey figures show that Lajčák should have

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