In the public procurement process there are gaps, Hlivák expects a solution from the new vice president of Bugal

BRATISLAVA, 5 September ( – New Vice-President of the Public Procurement Office (JMP) Juraj Bugala will focus on the professionalisation of public procurement, with an emphasis on the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in this process.

Professionalism is expected from Bugal

"He will not be in charge of interfering with the decision-making activities of the Office in the form of decisions on checks and penalties, since his job is linked to the membership of the Office, it will be transparent outside the law to say how it has voted and justified these decisions, " Miroslav Hlivák, chairman of the Institute of Economics, told SITA.

On Wednesday, the government approved its proposal to appoint Bugal as Vice President of the Office. Hlivák, who has been in office for almost a year, expects Bugal that the public procurement chamber will be set up in the context of professional professionalisation.

"I came up with a concrete concept to set up the public procurement department to get this part to continue in the legislative process and to continue to negotiate with the entrepreneurs." We focus on small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, professionals to help to do at the competitions, and we can tell them how to compete, " said Hlivák.

There are gaps in the purchasing process

After approval of the amendment of the law on government procurement in the government two weeks ago, the head of the Institute of Economics has already negotiated with representatives of the Association of employers' associations and associations of the SR, the Slovakian trade union and Club 500 and wants to continue this. According to Hlivák, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can appreciate the practical experience of the new Vice-President of the Office as an old lawyer with experience in the business environment, with large, medium and small business customers.

Miroslav Hlivák

"There are gaps in the tendering process that many consider to be discriminatory, such as the involvement of subcontractors, non-payment of invoices or non-liability for the work being done," Hlívák pointed out that a person with practical experience can help professional expertise.

Add added value

After the appointment of Bugal, a vice-chairman of the office is vacant, the chairman is looking for a suitable candidate. "I will continue in the negotiations, and at the moment it is a problem to find a person who is willing to participate in the public service and to add value to the functioning of the Office," Hlivák came closer.

Public Procurement Agency

The office wants to get new people with experience and experience, with Bugala comparable in terms of expertise and experience. The chairman expects that the issue of professionalisation and the establishment of the public procurement unit will raise the same debate as the change in the law with 135 measures for improving public procurement.

"The European Union and international organizations still accuse us of the small participation of entrepreneurs that they do not participate in competitions, no one has adopted them conceptually for 25 years," Hlivák added.

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