In the south of Slovakia the speed was broken, the railway spokesman suggested a possible cause

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Photo: TASR

An unusual speed accident happened on the southern route. The train drove to Kosice and jerked off Levice. During the ride the train tore through the first and second cars.

It is an R 811 Sitno speed-up kit from Bratislava to Kosice.
"Intermittent transport from 9.55 am in the Kalná nad Hronom – Levice section.
Breaking the R 811 train set, "said the railway company
Slovakia (ZSSK).

The spokesman Tomáš Kováč suggested the possible cause of the breach

"It is a malfunction that happens from time to time – this is not a dangerous situation, the air hoses vibrate, the air hoses vibrate, the brakes are automatically activated, probably due to fatigue, material, Kovac replied.

Why this happened is the subject of the investigation and the speed with which it happened.

Passengers and injured people are not injured.

The train is 120 minutes long. It will also hit Sitno from Kosice to Bratislava, which will also be silent for about 70 minutes, because there is also a lock on the road.

In this situation, the satirical site published a photo on the social network.

source: Facebook / Zomri

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