Increased regional budget. It is mainly used for road repairs

Finances for the reconstruction of bridges and roads II. and III. The lessons in Košice Self-governing Region (KSK) will increase by 6 million euros this year.

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This is due to the adjustment of the regional budget, which was approved on Monday
KSK board.

New investments will be financed by an increased European credit
investment bank (EIB) of EUR 5.6 million and higher revenues
of the personal income tax of approximately € 674,000.

Reconstruction of roads and bridges

Major projects from these sources include the reconstruction of roads
III / 3226 in the village of Letanovce for about 1.05 million euros, further reconstruction
bridge on route III / 3420 behind the village Kluknava for 813,000 euros and construction
Route III / 3315 Gomboš – Perín for about 739,000 euros. investment
Actions also include the modification of route III / 3071 and the supporting wall in the section
Vydrník – Hrabušice or rehabilitation of the collapse on the road III / 3270 in Hrišovce.
MEPs support the amendment by Imrich Bakši (OĽANO, SaS,
KDH, NOVA) to use EUR 229,000 from the EIB to refinance reconstruction
Route III / 3343 in Cana.

In the context of the budget adjustment of the KSK, there is a general increase in the average
revenue of EUR 2.48 million, capital expenditures of more than
EUR 7 million and income financing operations
about 5.4 million euros.

Several amendments were submitted by MPs from Smer-SD
to adjust the budget, but not one. He spoke in the course of the debate
the chief inspector of the region Ľubomír Hudák with criticism on some items
including financing in connection with the so-called "Agro Khruhov in the middle
vocational school (SOŠ) in Pribeník. Several members of the European Parliament support the chairman
KSK Rastislav Trnka (KDH, SaS, OĽaNO, NOVA, Šanca) told him that she
he did not submit his reservations and proposals in writing.

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