Instead of celebrating, Patrik prepares for his wife († 33)

On Monday they celebrated the 7th anniversary of the wedding. Instead, she must ensure that she loves the last path. Majka Zivojin († 33) gave birth at the beginning of August to her third synagogue, Matiaska, at the hospital in the city of Ostrov.

The baby, which she enjoyed with her husband and older sons, did not see her at all. The birth of her husband Patrick was very complicated – Majka complained that she could not breathe and did not care. Before her husband's eyes, Majka fell into a white coma, which unfortunately did not move. The desperate Patrik sent the last sms to his wife after the birth of his son, whose contents burst into tears. But his love never changes her …

They were a happy family that had everything. Boys Sebastian and Lukasko loved the braces. Family comfort, however, became an enormous tragedy in the blink of an eye. "I was born, everything I saw, felt, Majka fell into an evil coma and did not even see her Matiaska in sync," Patrick weeps. Although they were transferred to the hospital in Martina, the last Friday unfortunately died, despite the efforts of the doctors. The unfortunate widow was left alone for the upbringing of the three boys. It was on Monday that they celebrated the seventh anniversary of the marriage. Instead, however, his love must be buried.

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Her Majka wrote a heartbeat SMS as soon as she was born, hoping to read it. She did not understand it anymore. "I love you very much and I respect you. You always write me. Klein has 4,650 g and 54 centimeters. Really amazing. Then I said to the sisters: "Do you see why it was so difficult, the woman did not think," wrote Patrik, who also published his story on the social network. In a gigantic cry, the whole family, who helped a brave man, but especially Majka's sister Eva, who herself is pregnant, has become hot.

After the heartbreaking story of the desperate father of three children in New Time, there were dozens of enthusiastic readers. Young families want it financially help and Patrick to at least break down the enormous tasks that are waiting for him. Unlucky father filed a complaint after Majka's funeral. "I take the Healthcare Surveillance Authority, let the case investigate and draw the consequences", the ruined father concluded.

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