Ivo Nesrovnal convinced Bratislava that he could save Saturday's rain

The Mayor of Bratislava Ivo Nesrovnal is convinced that we can not prevent the torrential rains and climate change.

Bratislava was able to deal with the heavy rain on Saturday, after a few hours the passage and underpasses were functional. On Sunday briefing, Bratislava Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal said.

"We will not be able to prevent downpours and climate change, and what we know is to prepare the city and its organizations to minimize the damage caused by such heavy rains, which is what we did," said the mayor. .

See how the situation with the rain was explained by Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal:

Sewer sewage can not absorb water

However, the chairman of the board of directors of the Bratislava Water Company Zsolt Lukáč is a long-term problem with bridging roads and subways. It is caused by rainwater running from the Carpathians to Bratislava.

Drainage, which is mainly dedicated to sewage, can not absorb it. Unbalanced replied that the city is already implementing water measures, after the juniors began to repair the dirt. "This is of course a huge investment," he said.

On Saturday, at 5.30 pm, the water also hit the newly opened tunnel under the Trnavsky toll. The move took place at 19:00, after which the metro cleaned the cleaning service. According to the operators of the subway, water did not cause any damage. But they admitted that the rain revealed minor shortcomings that they want to eliminate in the near future.

The problem was also with public transport

Some lines of public transport did not change for Saturday's lunchtime. "Tramauto was completely restored on Saturday at 9.30 pm, trolleybus on Sunday at 9.30 am", said Milan Urban, director general of the transport company in Bratislava. Meanwhile, there was a replacement transport in some places.

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