Kočner is getting ready for freedom

Businessman Kočner believes that the courts will free him from slavery on the bills. He has evidence that the Supreme Court's decision about his detention was unlawful. The transport of "tickets" is weak, but it is also possible to play.

Kocner in Newspaper Dialogue New Time claims that someone has tampered with the file on which the Supreme Court was based when he sent him into custody.

To translate it into a common reason, Kocner's lawyers complain that the court referred to documents that had nothing to do with the file. This is in particular an expert report ordered by Marquis's lawyer.

The verdict states that the signature on the invoices that Kocner from the Markis claimed millions of Euros is almost certainly signed by Pavol Russia. But – according to experts it is unlikely that they are the signatures of 2000, when Russia was the head of Markiza. At that time, Russia drew a completely different picture. So bills can be forged.

The Supreme Court has appealed against this document against the detention of Kočner. The fact that Kocner's prosecution – and the assessment of detention – is justified.

Nowadays, Kocner's lawyers claim that Marquis's advice has been overshadowed in the file. Because the researcher did not add anything to the file.

Per word: try to attack "procedural errors".

Counter-strike coaches look just like a straw. Because nothing is bigger and stronger in the hands …

The mystery, who and when he put a document with an expert testimony for Markíza in the file, has now been solved. This was done by the public prosecutor Shant.

The question is whether the public prosecutor has correctly verified, marked and followed the official procedure when filing the file, or not (as Kočner's lawyers claim).

The evidence itself therefore exists and indicates that a crime of forgery of invoices could have been committed. Kočner and his lawyers only accept the procedure. Alleged formal errors when submitting a document in the file.

This fact itself indirectly shows that Kocner and his defense are on the water. Who can not question the content, has doubts about form and procedures.

On the other hand, in the Slovakian circumstances, this attitude of lawyers is quite successful. If there are no arguments, few errors are made in the authorities' procedure. And if I have the proof, the court can say that the custody decision was illegal.

Protecting a straw, however small and broken, is sometimes enough to turn the matter around.

We are not saying that this will be the case here. We only claim that the "straws" and procedural errors often remain intact and that the success of the persecution of criminals is decreasing. Even that pretty clear. Notorious. Actually only that. They can lead to liberation. Or at least for long years.

Maybe we should prepare for Kocner not to remain in custody for years. It is clear that it is only a matter of time that he will again be prosecuted for freedom. Even with your camera and toxic words on Facebook …

In particular, researchers and prosecutors should be prepared to do this. For opponents like Kočner, it is not enough to be right and right on your hand. There is much more to see. Maximum possible. And without a single mistake.

The errors are valid. In the case of Kocner, literally. And in millions.

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