Kocner remains in custody, not even the Supreme Court

The controversial entrepreneur is in custody for the deposit of € 69 million, which his company has requested from the executive director and television of Markiez Pavlik Russia.

A month after Marián Kočner, the Supreme Court, was arrested, he wanted to go free. His request for a preliminary ruling from the specialized correctional court in Banska Bystrica was rejected on 3 August.

Kočner put a stalemate against him, who ended up on the table of the Supreme Court again.

"The Senate of the Supreme Court of the SR at today's non-public hearing complained of Marian K. rejected as unfounded.The Supreme Court fully acknowledged the decision of the Court of First Instance.The Supreme Court considers that the reasons for the bond remain unchanged, "said SR spokesperson Alexandra Vazanova.

Kočner is in custody for fear of continuing the crime.

They questioned the evidence

Kočner's lawyers point out that their client is also in custody on the basis of a copy of an expert's report that was not correctly recorded in the investigation file at the time of the decision of the first Supreme Court to deprivation of liberty. This is the opinion of the Institute of Judicial Engineering, which made TV Markiza.

Attorney Michal Mandzak for Time.sk said it was not clear who, when and how the report was based on the case was illegal, and the court could not accept such evidence.

The mediator of Markíza, Peter Papanek, did not agree that it is a legitimate proof submitted by an eligible party.

"In the same way, the supervisory prosecutor refuses any manipulation and confirms that the entire file was available to STS with the expert's opinion, even when he decided to make custody for the first time and to release Kocner."

He won the court and then accused him

The company Kočner first won a dispute over the first of the 69 million euro accounts at the end of April. Marián Kočner ended in two months in the hands of the police who accused him of falsifying the accounts with Paul Russia.

From Wednesday, June 20, he was in a police cell, where he was fired after four days by Judge Roman Puchovsky of the specialized criminal court. He also ruled on the detainee Paul Rusk.

Murder of John Kuciak

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The judge admitted that there was a suspicion of committing the crime by the couple, but the reasons for their stay outside the obstacles were not found. The prosecutor appealed against this and succeeded in the Kočner case. The Senate of the Supreme Court has taken him into custody for fear that Kocner will continue with criminal activities.

"She is doing very sophisticated, economic crime is increasing, the crime committed by four attacks in an astronomical amount of 69 million euros, which Czech and Slovakian criminals do not even know," Ján Šanta said shortly before the court's verdict.

The issuance of the accounts

In this case, police officers suspect that Kocner and Russia are distorting the accounts treated by Kocner's company and taking receipt of the bills in various lawsuits.

Russia claims that millions of bills were signed in 2000. Markíza rejects this version with the fact that both documents were signed later.

"Bills of exchange have never been recorded in Markis's accounts or in the accounts of companies that were allegedly the owners of the invoices before fraudulent claims were made.

We claim that this whole story about the works of Marián Kočner was invented, the invoices were not made in 2000, but later, at a time when Pavol Russia was no longer the statutory TVM, "says media spokesman Peter Papanek.

"On the margin of questioning the authenticity of the invoices, I would like to point out that the Administration and the collection of accounts submitted to the court expert opinions on individual accounts on 13 December 2017. Testimonials from experts prove unequivocally that accounts are correct , "Kočner told TASR earlier.

There are three disputes with bills of exchange in the declared value, twice for an amount of EUR 8.5 million and once with EUR 26 million. The court that received a new bill of 26 million euros was suspended by the court. In one case, the court has already given a decision at first instance and the regional court will decide on the bills.

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