Košice Pride week 2018 clashes with the embellishment of Anna Kolesárová

During the sixth year Pride Košice there are twenty events on the program. When TASR informed festival director Róbert Furiel, the Pride week 2018 started on Saturday (25 August) and culminated on 1 September with a city march.

Košice Pride week 2018 clashes with the embellishment of Anna Kolesárová
photo: TASR
Description: Pride Dúhové Košice 2015

"Every year we aim to keep the program as far as possible and to maintain different positions, such as film screenings, a trip or a live library.In the course of the week we will discuss the situation of transrod people or make Košice a city for everyone, "said Furiel.

According to him, the event focuses on building and strengthening the local community and is part of the activities of the Saplinq civic association. "Pride Košice wants to be an event where people can freely and proudly experience their identity, seek refuge and add energy to change their environment to be more related to different differences and identities," he said.

The whole week will culminate on Saturday, September 1 with a full day of festival and guidance. In addition to the Pride of the Companions, the beautification of Anna Kolesáro is held the same day in Košice. "Unfortunately, voices are heard to see contradictions in these two events, artificially constructive against them, they went so far as to suggest that Pride was moved to another term, and we categorically reject this because both events are not worthless and are coordinated with the help from the police to minimize each other ", he explained, adding that the organizers also enjoyed many people in Košice who would otherwise be able to receive.

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